Ultimate Endurance

Ultimate Endurance

Beat the Burn and Break a New Record with this Supplement Stack

(The supplements listed in this article are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or condition but simply to inform the reader. The author is not a medical professional and recommends researching the supplements individually and speaking with a medical professional before starting any new regiments.

In the middle of the 5K you are running to support breast cancer research, you gas out of breath and your friends pass you by laughing.  You want to do better than them you think; you want to be the best.  Whether you are in sport competition at an endurance event such as a marathon, cycling event, triatholon or Jui Jitstu competition, or are just wanting to be able to exercise more efficiently there are nutritional choices you can make and supplements you can take to give you that extra edge.

To improve endurance, the night before an event consume a large meal of carbohydrates in the form of white potato, sweet potato, or pasta with red sauce that equates to between 60% and 70% in grams of your total bodyweight.  This means if you weigh 150 lbs, eat between 90 and 105 grams of carbohydrates.  What these foods have in common is a key ingredient for enhancing muscle contraction - potassium. With this meal, be generous with sea salt to help push the nutrients into the muscles.  Be sure to drink plenty of water, about a gallon a day for most, because even mild dehydration can significantly reduce your endurance output. This will set the stage for giving you continual energy during the following day’s event.  The next step is to utilize the powers of the following supplements taken one hour before the event begins to beat the burn and set a new record! 

5,000mg Beta Alanine – an amino acid that buffers the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, clinically shown to allow greater endurance.  Be prepared for a flushing feeling through the body with this supplement.

5gm Creatine Monohydrate – an amino acid that increases ATP production in the body, which is a key ingredient in the fuel for muscle contraction.

10 – 20mg 1,3 Dimethylamylamine – an extract from the geranium flower that has strong stimulant-like effects which will help to increase bloodflow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles as well as decrease fatigue.

200mg B-Complex – vitamins that help to fuel virtually every process in the body; When b-vitamins become depleted muscles become very fatigued. Keeping these levels high will promote endurance.

15oz Beet Root Juice – nitrates in this juice will improve nitric oxide levels and decrease the amount of oxygen consumed during exercise. Studies show it can help boost endurance by up to 20%.

Glycerol  - a compound that hyper hydrates the body for up to four hours.  Studies show that supplementing with .8 ml of glycerol per kg of body weight before a race can significantly delay the onset of fatigue.

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