Unusual Fat Burning Gadgets

Unusual Fat Burning Gadgets

If you love gadgets and need to get fit, these 10 products can help you to burn fat and lose weight in a fun and unique way.

Gamercize PC
If you can't find the motivation to work out, the Gamercize PC may help you get your exercise done while you are on your computer. The gadget attaches to your computer's USB port. It has a portable stair stepper on one end of the device. If you stop exercising, your mouse and keyboard stop working until you start exercising again.

Home Surfing Machine
For those who want to burn fat and lose weight to look like a surfer, the Home Surfing Machine may be the gadget to get the job done. When you plug this gadget in, it rocks and vibrates in a manner similar to what a wave does to a surfboard. You have to use your core muscles to stay on the board.

Osim iGallop
The Osim iGallop is a device that is meant to mimic horseback riding. You sit atop the device while it bucks and bounces. It strengthens your thighs, stomach, back and arm muscles. When you first start using the iGallop, you should hold on to the front handlebar. Once you become accustomed to it, you can try staying on with one hand or no hands. When your body is toned and firm, you'll be fit enough to enter a mechanical bull riding competition.

Golf Practice Apparatus
On days where going to the golf course is out of the question, you can use the Golf Practice Apparatus to burn fat and tone your muscles. This gadget can help you work your upper body, but you won't get the lower body workout that you would get if you walked the 18 holes of a regulation golf course. As a bonus, you can perfect your golf swing and impress your friends next time you hit the links.

Shake Weights
Shake Weights give you an excellent upper body toning routine. You can also get a good cardiovascular workout to help you lose weight by doing one of the faster Shake Weight routines. You can always use the Shake Weight while you run or walk for a complete workout.

Kangaroo Jumps
The Kangaroo Jumps shoes have a spring-like contraption at the bottom of the shoe. This gadget reduces your impact when you walk, dance, jog or jump. It helps you to work your core because you have to stay balanced while you walk, which isn't easy because of the spring-like bottom.

The Pumgo combines a scooter with a stair climbing machine, but it is mobile. You use this gadget instead of walking around, so you get the same workout as you do on the stair climber at the gym.

Fitness Cube
The Fitness Cube is a box with a workout bar and band attached to it. You can do 30 exercises on this gadget to help you lose weight and tone up. The cube has extensions and a weight-resistance knob that lets you control the resistance of the bar and band.

Treadmill Bike
The Treadmill Bike is one of those workout gadgets that enables you bring the fun of the gym outdoors. You can burn fat and lose weight as you walk on the treadmill that is perched on a bar between two large bike wheels.

Toshiba Sportio
This cell phone is made specifically for athletes. The built-in GPS keeps track of how many steps you take and how far you travel each day. This can help you to meet the 2,000 steps per day recommended for you to burn fat and lose weight. It also tells you how many calories you burn and how fast you walk or run.

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