The Top 10 Most Embarrassing Exercises

The Top 10 Most Embarrassing Exercises

If you've ever attempted to exercise, you should be well aware that there are exercises that are not always flattering to the body. Even though these exercises might not look good, they are often beneficial for training the body. Here is a list of the top 10 most embarrassing exercises you could come across.

Downward Dog
One of the pivotal moves of yoga, "Downward Dog," forces the body into a bent position that focuses on putting the butt into the air. This position is great for teaching the body flexibility and stretching the legs while building upper body strength, even though it may not look appealing to the average person.

Happy Baby Pose
Another yoga favorite, this position positions a person on his or her back, while bending the knees to the chest and grabbing the feet or ankles. During this pose, some people include movement by rocking on the spine. This pose is a hip opener, even if it isn't the most attractive position to stay in.

Squats, which focus on building leg strength and abdominal muscle, can be embarrassing for those who dislike pushing out their butts. For a variation, you could try using a wall for support, which also helps support the body's core.

Hip Raises
Hip raises cause a person to thrust the pelvis upward in order to align the spine and body. This exercise may not look appealing, but it works wonders for the back and butt muscles.

Foam Roll
Often used for gymnasts and runners, the foam roll assists a person who needs to stretch the glutes, calves, and hips. This exercise can appear awkward, as the individual must roll the body against the foam to maintain balance. The awkward position of the legs and arms can also be hard to maintain during this exercise.

Thigh Machine
A thigh machine is built to support and assist the lower body during exercises for the inner and outer thigh and abdominal muscles. The thigh machine at the gym causes the legs to repeatedly spread as they are worked out, making it one of the more embarrassing pieces of equipment.

Step Aerobics
Step aerobics focus on routines built around the use of a stair stepper. However, this can be an embarrassing exercise if you can't keep up with the choreography during a class. It can also be tricky to put together your stepper, which is usually built in levels.

Deadlifts work great for building muscle in the buttocks and legs. However, the awkward positioning and straining might make you feel uncomfortable when surrounded by others at a gym.

Leg Curl Machine
The leg curl machine comes in two forms. One, the less embarrassing, is seated and supports the body during lifts. However, the other forces you to lie on your stomach, once again making you push your butt up into the air. This machine works wonders on the hamstrings and lower body, but it might not look pretty during exercises.

Back Bends
The most awkward position to get into without using a bridge technique, the back bend places the body into an arch, stretching the muscles of the torso while building strength and stability. If you aren't extremely flexible, or if there are a lot of people around, this position may be difficult to get into without looking a bit odd. If you feel uncomfortable with the position, try using a wall for support as you "walk" down into position.

These are just some of the slightly embarrassing exercises you might come across. These may not always look great, but they are perfect for toning and managing your body.

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