Can this Ab Belt Thing Really Tone and Strengthen my Stomach Muscles?


As soon as the holidays are over I always get off my butt and lose some weight. At least I am consistent. It is crazy but I do the same thing every year. It’s like as soon as summer is over I increasingly let myself get lazier and my appetite get bigger throughout the end of the year. Then the week after New Years that stereotypical ‘It’s a New Year and a New You’ vibe kicks in. I look in the mirror and say ‘You need to lose like 15 pounds buddy!’

So I just signed up at my local Soul Cycle gym, promised myself no fried food Monday through Thursday, and I am not drinking on non-social nights…I can do it!! Keep reading my story – but just to give you a sneak peak…I did nail it this year! This is me:


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The first Sunday of this New Year I was watching the NFL games with a couple of my friends. And of course, this is a day where drinking beer (a lot) and eating Pizza Hut is totally fine. In between games as we are channel flipping this commercial comes on that immediately grabbed all of our attention. It starts off showing these really compelling Before and After pictures from people who really shaped up their abs. Then it had some pretty hot B-rated Celebrity ladies giving their relatively believable testimonials for this product called ‘The Flex Belt’. And then this doctor who conducted a clinical trial on The Flex Belt talks about its efficacy.

And then they top it off by saying that this Flex Belt thing is actually ‘Cleared by the FDA for Toning and Strengthening the Abdominal Muscles’!! Check this out – we found the commercial posted on Youtube:

We were blown away. I said to my friend I have to get one of those things! He said; ‘are you kidding me – do you think that thing really works….you jack ass?!’

So we jumped on our phones and started looking this thing up on the World-Wide-Web. I always read the reviews on Google first. If this thing doesn’t really work there will ABSOLUTELY be some bad reviews about it. I could not believe it – there was nothing but glowing reviews about The Flex Belt – even three pages deep into the search results. Actually the first thing I checked out was this video review done by this famous YouTube Celebrity guy named Aaron Marino. He is pretty big time with like close to a million subscribers. His video was called: ‘The Flex Belt – Rip Off or Ripped Abs?’ – so of course I had to watch it. You can check it out here:

Ripped Abs or Ripped Off

Aaron’s video


So if you watched Aaron’s Marino video, you probably stopped reading my story and just ordered your Flex Belt. I couldn’t believe it. This dude is obviously in tremendous shape, very opinionated, fond of himself, has a ton of fans, and he was ready to rip The Flex Belt apart. But, he didn’t. He himself was surprised at how powerful this thing was and how effective the abdominal contractions were. Clearly this guy is not associated with The Flex Belt and he did say that even though it works without question, you still need to eat a proper diet and get some exercise in order to get toned abs…..but bottom line he recommends it.

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We also found a ton of other people who posted their Flex Belt Before and After pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Check out this Chic Selena or this guy Christian:

Check out these people’s Before and After Pictures We Found!!


I found this video on Youtube that Adrianne Curry (America’s Top Model Winner) did at home about The Flex Belt.

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So what happened next was crazy if not karmic! In between the football games we turned on the weekend replay of Howard Stern on Siruis XM and I am not sh - - ting you – we heard Howard himself start talking about The Flex Belt!! Obviously it was a commercial read, but it was still Howard himself and he is the man! Play this spot below by Howard -- we found it on Youtube.


We literately found hundreds of Before and After pictures from people using the Flex Belt and we did not find any negative press about it. In fact on the official Flex belt website they have a section listing a bunch of their Before and After pictures. I like that on the Flex Belt website next to their Before and After pictures they put this text because they don’t want people to think you should be lazy:

"Our Customers Love The Flex Belt. The Flex Belt® does not remove inches of fat, but it tones, tightens and strengthens your stomach muscles. Using The Flex Belt® in Conjunction with Your Dedication to Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise Can Help You Achieve Your Goals of a More Attractive Stomach as Well!"

Good for the people at the Flex Belt to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Check out some more of these B&As -- You really have to see for yourself...


I was also very impressed that there was a ton of other of these YouTube Influencers that have done reviews of The Flex Belt. All the ones we found made me want to buy it. No one was knocking it at all.

Needless to say I bought my own Flex Belt. So did my friend CJ (who originally called me a ‘Jack-Ass’ for being interested in this thing)…

I received my Flex Belt about 4 days after I ordered it on It looked really quality and I have to admit that I was impressed. This is not some cheap piece of machinery. It is top notch, looks and feels very quality.

Here is a picture I took:


I watched the brief instructional video that came with it, which also gave some very cool ‘Training Tips’ so that you can push this thing to its limits. Then I gave it a go on the ‘Beginner’ level program. I thought the ‘Training Tips Video was super informative and really taught me how impressive The Flex Belt is.


The Flex Belt has 10 different training programs, but you get to select how powerful the intensity of the abdominal contractions are. The range of intensity goes from 1-150. To be honest I don’t think it actually really starts to do anything much until you get to a level of like 35+ but once I started to feel the contraction I was like ‘WOW!’. It was like doing a crunch and holding it for a period of 4-5 seconds as hard as you can and then it gently releases. It was smooth and not jarring. I kept increasing the intensity throughout my 20 minute session and by the time I was done I got to level 68. It felt pretty awesome. The best part was that the next day my abs were so sore. That kind of sore that I used to experience when I would do a hard ab workout at the gym. It was impressive.

CJ and I both fell in love with the Flex Belt and have been using it consistently. I have been getting stronger and definitely more toned. I am now able to get to level 125+ in the ‘Expert Program’. I have also been good about my no fried foods Monday through Thursday. Not so consistent about the no beer on non-social nights but at least I try. Here is both CJ and my Before and After pictures of our abs after using The Flex Belt for 60 days…


Well, I have to admit…it is nice to be pleasantly surprised. I should actually say ‘pleasantly stoked!’ The Flex Belt has not disappointed. If you want to try it I can honestly recommend it. If you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund. They even give you 60 days to do so…..pretty legit.

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