Tired of Being Too Tired - Part 1

Beeeep! Beeep! Your alarm is going off.  Too tired to turn off the alarm, you force your exhausted body out of bed.  Feels like you just went to sleep and already it is time to get up. Merely thinking about starting the day has you feeling overwhelmed.  Showering, brushing your teeth, getting dressed and worst of all deciding what to eat all seem too challenging?   Congratulations! You may have chronic fatigue.

The A.D.A.M Medical dictionary tells us that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is "severe, continued tiredness that lasts for at least 6 months and is not relieved by rest or directly caused by other medical conditions.”

Chronic fatigue, among other causes, can be caused from being in the sympathetic dependant state for too long or by making improper nutritional choices.  Living in the sympathetic state is characterized by an excessively busy lifestyle that does not include time for proper rest.  These types of people tend to take shallow breaths, have elevated heart rates, blood pressure and cortisol.  To fuel their 19 hour day they like to indulge in processed sugar ridden foods, coffee and cigarettes. Over time their body’s adrenals, pancreatic and HPTA systems create less and less hormones; losing the fuel that allows their tissues to function and leaving their immune system open to attack.  The great news is that it is possible to feel better and wake up feeling refreshed if the proper steps are taken.           

The process of restoring our human bodies to wellness requires learning new behaviors that heal the body and keep us feeling charged.  It takes time for our body to restore, like a car battery charging, but eventually it will work again. The alternative is to continue feeling like each day is challenging and watch our passion for life disappear as we get fat and unhealthy and begin losing relationships that once were rewarding simply because we no longer have the mental energy for them. We leave ourselves open to developing a life shattering disease and all of this most likely could have been prevented. That is just the hard truth.

If you have chronic fatigue and do not want to keep seeing your life slowly disappear or are living a fast life now and want to continue living passionately and successfully then read on to Part 2 of "Tired of Being Too Tired?" to learn exactly what to do!


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