The Top 10 Healthy Foods to Avoid

The Top 10 Healthy Foods to Avoid

There are many healthy foods that people are told to eat. Ten of these include sushi, energy bars, granola, salads, bran, smoothies (fruit), pretzels, tea, fruit (dried), and water. These items are supposedly good for you because of maintaining vital nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. However, in the wrong environment or eaten too often, these "healthy" foods can often turn out to be very unhealthy for the body.

Sushi, a traditional Japanese dish, is made with rice, raw fish, seaweed, and other items. Occasionally, vegetables are added to the roll, including things like peppers or carrots. This type of sushi is actually very healthy. However, in the United States, the Western version can be dangerous to your health. Cream cheese sushi and fried sushi adds to the cholesterol of the dish. Adding mayonnaise in some types of sushi can also raise the detrimental value of the dish.

Another commonly eaten food is an energy bar. This is known to have lots of vitamins and minerals, and provides a quick burst of carbohydrates. However, this kind of food also has a load of calories because it is intended for people who are missing a meal or who may be participating in athletics. Eating too many of these bars as a snack can lead to a high caloric intake.

Granola is often used in healthy foods such as breakfast cereals. However, granola comes in many varieties. Consuming granola should be limited to low-calorie, high-fiber, and low-sugar combinations.

Smoothies are an item that many use as a treat in the U.S. Some are made strictly with fresh fruits or vegetables, which is a healthy alternative to things like soda pop. However, using sugary or fatty yogurt in place of a low-fat version of milk or yogurt can leave the smoothie tasting sweeter and becoming worse for your body.

Salads are nutritionally sound if they are made with the correct greenery. Along with this, preventing yourself from adding high-calorie and high-fat dressing is advised. Dressings can easily add to the unhealthy benefits of eating salad at a meal.

Bran is a wonderful way to add fiber into your diet, and it is usually eaten in or with breakfast cereals. One thing to avoid is a bran muffin. There are refined sugars and flours in the muffin that make it unhealthy for consumption.

Pretzels, a wonderful source of carbohydrates, are sometimes considered to be a healthy food, especially when eaten without sauces, salts, or other toppings. The problem with pretzels is that they have no real nutritional value and load up the body with unnecessary calories.

Tea is a healthy drink that many people consume. There are a variety of teas, such as black, green, and white. These teas can be healthy, as long as you do not add honey and additional sugars. Fruit-flavored teas can be bogged down with extra calories. The best kind to drink is the unsweetened variety.

Fruit is a vital part of every diet. It can prevent a number of ailments. However, eating dried fruit is not as healthy as it is assumed to be. Manufacturers tend to add sugars and sweeteners to the dried fruit, making it tasty, but unhealthy. The best way to eat dried fruit is to dehydrate it at home, without the additional sugars or spices.

Lastly, the healthiest thing anyone can drink is water. But, it isn't always what the body needs, especially when sweeteners and flavoring have been added. Waters with added flavoring can have a similar calorie and carbohydrate count to those of sodas or juices and are not included in healthy food choices. If you like to have flavored drinks, it's important to go with a natural way, like adding a slice of kiwi or lime.


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