Never Use Laundry Detergent Again and Save Hundreds of Dollars per Year!

If you are a subscriber to my Youtube Channel or have read my column before, you know that I am working mother who is always looking for ways to save my family (and your family) money! I am also a fan of Natural/Green products…

Having said that, I LOVE natural cleaning products. I like to use them as much as possible, because standard products are all chemicals. Over the last year I’ve had a lot of requests from my subscribers and readers to do a review on a natural laundry alternative. Well an interesting coincidence happened recently. I was contacted by a company called Crystal Wash who asked me to review their product. They said they simply wanted an honest review even if I hated their product. I said ‘bring it on!’ and they sent me some. You can also check out this video review if you prefer…

Proven to Be as Effective as Laundry Detergent

So I got Crystal Wash in the mail and basically it is these two little balls that you throw inside of your washing machine, and it works as effectively as laundry detergent in cleaning your clothes….and it last for 1000 washes. ‘Yeah right -- that sounds insane!’ So if that is true and you are a household that does about one load of laundry a day that would last you almost three years! I put my little Math Cap on and calculated that the average person spends about $75-$175 on laundry detergent a year. If you didn’t buy laundry detergent for 3 years you could save you $200-$500!


I'm always looking for ways to make things more efficient and cost-effective. When it comes to laundry, I don't want to wash my family's clothes in something that's harsh on the fabric, tough on my toddler’s skin (because he does get a rash), smells like perfume, or bad for the environment. So we’ve been using a special detergent that is supposed to have less chemicals, but of course it costs about 3X what regular big brand detergents cost.

"If you didn’t buy laundry detergent for 3 years you could save you $200-$500!"

Crystal Wash sounded too good to be true. So of course I had to do some research…I love Google Baby!!! First of all, I looked into how it worked. Crystal Wash uses these things called Bio Ceramics made of antibacterial and antioxidant minerals which come in the form of little tiny stone balls. According to the manufacturer, it’s going to raise the pH level of the laundry water which creates a natural Hydrogen Peroxide effect. This is what makes it take out all of the stains, disinfects and removes bacteria from your clothes. Laundry detergents use chemicals to do that, whereas this is completely, 100 percent NATURAL.


I decided I wanted to put them to the test with the dirtiest thing that I possibly had: it was my dirty dish rags. I don't know about you guys, but my dish rags are DISGUSTING and they smell TERRIBLE. I can never get the musky smell out of them no matter what I do, and I decided if this product is worth sharing with you guys, it’s gonna work on those rags. So I did my trial run on some really dirty dish towels.


I couldn’t believe it. ‘WOW! Holy bananas, these smell really, really fresh.’ The musty odor is gone. They just smell like…well nothing. No smell at all.

I still wanted to make sure so a couple days later I ran a cycle in my washing machine with just water to see if “okay maybe just plain water can do the same thing” and it DOES NOT! They were extra stinky, like if you can imagine gross toddler clothes mixed with water…uggg I won’t get into specifics of it, but just water doesn’t work….trust me! Check out these Before and After photos using Crystal Wash:


I also found a bunch of Mommy blogs and YouTube reviews about Crystal Wash and everyone loves it.

Well, I was super skeptical and not many things make it onto my YouTube channel or get an article, but Crystal Wash works and is definitely worth a mention. I’ve been using Crystal Wash for over 6 months now. If you would like to use something just as good or better that detergent, saves A LOT of money, is gentle on your family’s skin, and better for the environment….I can recommend this.

If you give it a try